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Everyone can now use Facebook’s Google Photos export tool

In 2019, Facebook started testing a tool that lets you transfer your images from the social network to Google Photos easily. Earlier this year, the company rolled it out in selected countries including the US, Canda, the UK, and some regions of the Asia Pacific and Africa. [Read: Signal can now automatically blur faces in photos — and you can use the images in any app] Now, the company is making the tool available to everyone around the globe. You can use it on desktop and mobile both. Follow our guide to transfer your Facebook photos to Google Photos. The…

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Google faces $5 billion lawsuit over tracking users in incognito mode

Google is facing a $5 billion class action lawsuit over tracking Chrome users — even in incognito mode. The lawsuit, which was filed in the federal court in San Jose, California on Tuesday, accuses the company of collecting information about what people view and what pages they visit online despite claiming incognito mode is private, Reuters reports. The complaint further alleges gathering data through Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, and various mobile apps helps the company learn about users’ closest contacts, hobbies, dieting habits, and even the “most intimate and potentially embarrassing things” they search for online. Google “cannot continue to…

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New AR app will let you model a virtual companion on anyone you want

A smartphone app called Hybri is adding an unsettling touch of reality to VR, by scanning photos of real people onto an avatar’s face. The avatars draw memories of the holographic girlfriend in Blade Runner 2049, but trapped inside a smartphone screen instead of an apartment. Hybri could also launch much sooner than 2049, if the company’s crowdfunding campaign is successful. Hybri describes the virtual companion as “a fully customizable virtual replica of a humanoid.” Users first pick a basic model avatar and then customize it to fulfill their fantasies. According to Hybri’s website, they can change its face, hairstyle, physique, voice — and even personality:…

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Google’s Android Studio 4.0 is a major upgrade for the app development tool

Google has launched Android Studio 4.0, adding a host of new features to the app development environment. The most eye-catching of the upgrades is a souped-up Motion Editor, Android’s interface for creating MotionLayout animations in apps. In previous versions of Android Studio, developers had to manually create and modify complex XML files to design their animations. The new Motion Editor generates the XML files for you, allowing you to create complex animations through a simply click-and-drag interface. [Read: Building mobile apps isn’t a mystery when you have these dev courses] Android has also added new ways to look at your app’s design. They include…

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Chrome moves to automatically block abusive notification requests

You won’t have to endure annoying notification popups from random sites when using Chrome for much longer. Google has announced it’s cracking down on sites that abuse notifications starting from Chrome 84, which will drop on July 14. Sites with intrusive notifications and permission requests will be filtered under a “quieter notifications UI,” which will also warn users that the site might be trying to trick them. “Abusive notification prompts are one of the top user complaints we receive about Chrome. A large percentage of notification requests and notifications come from a small number of abusive sites,” Google explained. “Only…

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Twitter now lets you schedule tweets — here’s how

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Earlier this month, we reported that Twitter is rolling out a ‘schedule tweet’ option to some users. Now, the social network is making the feature available for all desktop users, so you can set tweets to be published at a time of your choosing. The company said that apart from scheduling, it will also allow users to it will also let you save drafts of your tweets in the web app. However, you’ll be able to see…

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YouTube finally adds built-in timestamps with ‘Chapters’

One of the most annoying things about YouTube is trying to find the right time for the specific content you’re looking for, especially in long videos. It’s become something of a tradition for a good samaritan to comment with the requisite timestamps, but YouTube is now making such crude methods a thing of the past. Starting today, YouTube is officially rolling out a ‘Chapters‘ feature that lets creators embed timestamps right into the video progress bar. 0:00 We heard you and added Video Chapters.0:30 You liked it.1:00 Now it’s official: Video Chapters are here to stay.1:30 Creators, try Chapters by…

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Hulu is testing an official Watch Party feature (for some viewers)

In this era of social distancing, online watch parties — watching online content in sync with friends — have become commonplace, but doing so usually requires specialized third party services. It seems that might start to change; Hulu is now testing an official Watch Party feature of its own. Unfortunately, it’s currently only available on the desktop. No mobile apps, no TV apps. Worse, it’s only available to users who are signed up for Hulu‘s ‘No ads’ tier. Considering I don’t know anyone who actually pays for said tier — last May, Hulu said 70 percent of customers were on the…

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Instagram finally offers creators a chance to get paid

Instagram today revealed that, at long last, it’s rolling out a few ways for its creators to earn money directly from their posts. The platform is currently testing both ads for IGTV and a subscription service for those who use Instagram Live. It’s a start, at least. Ads on IGTV have been in the works for a few months now — we first heard of them back in February. The ads will be about 15 seconds long, and will appear after you click the “Watch IGTV Video” button from a preview. The company will test various ad formats in the…

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Fujifilm’s new app makes it easy to turn your camera into a webcam

Fujifilm is making it easier to turn your camera into a webcam — if you use Windows that is. The Japanese camera-maker has released a new piece of software, called Fujifilm X Webcam, which converts X Series and GFX cameras into webcams. It’s an excellent solution for anyone looking to flex on their colleagues’ fuzzy, cheap-ass webcams during their next Zoom call. All you need is the right camera — pretty much GFX100, GFX 50S, GFX 50R, X-H1, X-Pro2, X-Pro3, X-T2, X-T3, or X-T4 — and a USB cable; ah, that and a Windows machine. If you happen to have all these…

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