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Microsoft brings Edge’s hidden Surf Game to everyone

Back in February, Microsoft hid a nifty little surfing game into its Edge browser, which started out as an easter egg to celebrate the browser‘s new logo. (Get it? Like surfing the web?) At the time, it was only available to users on the canary and dev builds of the browser, but now, it is available for anyone to try. To give it a go, first make sure you’re on the latest version of Edge. (You can go to Settings> About to check for updates). Once updated, simply type in ‘edge://surf’ in the address bar and the game will load — no…

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Stanford uses AI scans of satellite images to track poverty levels over time

A new AI tool can track poverty levels in African villages over time by scanning satellite images for signs of economic well-being. The tool searches the images for indicators of development, such as roads, agriculture, housing, and lights turned on at night. Deep learning algorithms find patterns in this data to measure the villages’ wealth. Researchers from Stanford University tested the tool on about 20,000 villages across 23 countries in Africa that had existing wealth data. They say that it successfully estimated the poverty levels of the villages over time. [Read: AI detects plastics in the oceans by analyzing satellite images] Identifying these patterns of growth can show why…

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A man was stabbed to death by his son during a Zoom call

It’s not the conference call anyone wants to be a part of: 72-year-old New York resident Dwight Powers was stabbed to death by his 32-year-old son during a Zoom meeting with 20 people people. The attacker, Thomas Scully-Powers, has since been arrested and charged with murder after several people on the call reported the crime to police, according to The New York Times. Suffolk County police said some of the callers may have witnessed part of the stabbing on screen. They later provided visual descriptions of the son. “They just noticed him fall off the screen and then they heard heavy…

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The RadWagon 4 is a car replacement e-bike at a great price

Rad Power Bikes’ RadWagon is one of the most popular cargo bikes on the market for its versatile hauling capabilities at an affordable price (for ebikes, anyway). Today the company announced the RadWagon 4, with a new design and more versatile components while keeping a low $1,599 price, with an extra $100 off for early buyers. It’s a better option than ever for potentially replacing your car — or at least helping those who don’t drive carry a whole lot of cargo. For one, the company says it lowered the center of gravity to provide a more stable ride —…

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Facebook announces Workplace Rooms, basically Messenger Rooms for work

Facebook recently launched Messenger Rooms, one of its biggest new products in years. It attempts to provide an alternative to Zoom for large groups of people who want to video chat outside a work context. Naturally, it integrates tightly into Facebook proper, with further integrations coming to Instagram and WhatsApp. Now the company is taking on Zoom‘s market more directly by bringing Rooms to its Slack competitor, Workplace. It’s basically Messenger Rooms for, you know, work. The feature set for Workplace Rooms is very similar to Messenger Rooms. The calls support up to 50 participants, and there isn’t a limit…

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Apple’s next iPhone may not come with EarPods so you can buy AirPods instead

Apple’s EarPods are perhaps the most iconic accessory ever included with a gadget. The white headphones have been through a few revisions, but they’ve been a staple ever since the original iPod, only becoming more popular with the advent of the iPhone. Unfortunately, they might soon be going the way of the dodo. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo(via 9to5Mac), the iPhone 12 family may be the first ever to not come with bundled headphones. Granted, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Apple removed the headphone jack with the iPhone 7, and while it’s bundled EarPods that…

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Microsoft’s new PowerToys Run launcher is like macOS’s Spotlight for Windows 10

Win+R. It’s a command any Windows power-user is familiar with, but the Run launcher has remained basically unchanged for generations. Today at its online-only Build 2020, Microsoft announced an optional, open-source replacement for the command, dubbed PowerToys Run. The idea is to make the Run launcher a more elegant, functional, and customizable tool for power users more akin to Apple’s Spotlight. For power users, the run command tends to be useful for quickly accessing system tools like the registry tool (regedit) or the startup utility(msconfig), and quickly running cmd commands. According to The Verge, the new tool will eventually be…

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Freedom oranges and avocado toast

Coronavirus in Context is a weekly newsletter where we bring you facts that matter about the COVID-19 pandemic and the technology trying to stop its spread. You can subscribe here. Hola pandemic pals, Remember when everyone was ripping on millennials for eating avocado toast? The big idea was that they were spoiled because they smeared expensive fruit on their toast instead of butter or jam like everyone else. But I live in Mexico where avocados are very cheap. And, even during a pandemic, they’re plentiful year-round. From what I understand, it’s pretty hard to even get an avocado in some places in the US…

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Razer made a surprisingly classy pair of $200 noise-cancelling headphones

I’m always a little skeptical when there’s a new challenger to the noise-cancelling headphone market because the current popular options — Sony and Bose, primarily — are so good. But Razer may have just figured out the formula for a good noise cancelling headphone at a decent price. For $200, the new Razer Opus is a whole lot of headphone. Granted, I’ve only had the headphones for a few days, so this isn’t a full review yet. But the Razer Opus have impressed me with their sound quality, design, and comfort in these few days. For one, the headphones are THX…

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Google’s Pixel 4a is reportedly abandoning squeeze-based Assistant activation

Pixel 4a leaks have been coming non-stop as the phone approaches launch date. Though the phone looks set to offer much of the more expensive Pixel‘s features at a lower price, we now know one thing you won’t be able to do with the 4a: squeeze to activate the Google Assistant. Multiple sources have confirmed the 3a won’t have the feature, including 9to50Google’s Stephan Hall, XDA’s Mishaal Rahman, and YouTube channel TechnoLikePlus. Called ‘Active Edge,’ the feature has been a staple of Google’s phone line since the Pixel 2, and was event present in last year’s budget 3a model. It’s origins…

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