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Facebook begins placing labels on posts by ‘state-controlled media’

Starting today, Facebook will label posts by state-controlled media on the social network. The company first announced the move in October, part of larger efforts to fight disinformation during elections. In a post announcing the update, Facebook said: We’re providing greater transparency into these publishers because they combine the influence of a media organization with the strategic backing of a state, and we believe people should know if the news they read is coming from a publication that may be under the influence of a government.  Facebook also said it would begin labelling ads by such outlets. They “rarely advertise…

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Huawei’s new phone can take your temperature because coronavirus

With coronavirus an ongoing pandemic, checking for a fever when you feel ill is one of the first things you should do before deciding to go to the hospital. No need to bust out the thermometer if you buy Huawei‘s new Honor Play 4 Pro — it has a temperature sensor built-in. To quote ArsTechnica, it has to be the most 2020 phone of 2020. To use the temperature sensor, you open up the app and apply the phone directly to your forehead, as shown in this Weibo video. The infrared sensor supports temperatures from -20°C (-4°F) to 100°C (212°F)…

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Here’s our best look at Google’s first Android TV device in years

I never really understood Google’s Chromecast. It’s a convenient accessory that kickstarted the popularity of video casting, but as far as I’m concerned, any proper streaming device needs a remote and a dedicated UI. And no, opening up videos on my phone and pressing the cast button is not a replacement. At long last, it seems Google is working on a proper Android TV device again – its first since 2014’s ill-fated Nexus Player (of course, there are third-party offerings like the Nvidia Shield). Though we’ve heard rumors about such a device for ages, a report by XDA gives us…

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Zuckerberg won’t budge on violent Trump posts despite employee protests

“When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” So tweeted Donald Trump on May 29, in response to nationwide protests catalyzed by the murder of George Floyd — an incitement to violence by the ostensible leader of the United States. ….These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 29, 2020 More than belligerent…

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Sega announces a tiny Game Gear Micro launching in October

Remember the Game Gear? AKA the Sega Game Boy? Continuing the never-ending trend of miniaturized retro consoles, and in honor of its 60th anniversary, Sega has seen fit to revive its only challenger to Nintendo’s handheld console. (It also happens to be the Game Gear’s 30th anniversary.) Called the Game Gear Micro, this 8-bit console is truly tiny –  just 80 mm wide and 43mm tall. Indeed, it’s shown to be small enough to fit within the palm of a hand. I hope you have good eyesight though, as the screen is just about one inch wide. Don’t worry too…

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Sennheiser celebrates classic HD 25 headphones with a price cut and limited color

Sennheiser’s HD 25 headphones are some of the most iconic heaphones in history, having been around through various revisions for over 30 years now. Its flexible, lightweight, and utilitarian design has made it popular popularity with DJs, broadcasters, and audiophiles alike. Its legendary durability and replaceable parts have also helped it stand the test of time in more ways than one. To the company’s 75th anniversary, Sennheiser has a few pleasant surprises for potential customers of the HD 25. First, the headphones will be on sale for $99.95 rather than the usual $149.95. More interestingly, Sennheiser is selling a limited…

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Google’s Pixel phones can now perform scheduled check-ins for your safety

Every few months, since the Pixel 4’s launch, Google has been surprising users with ‘feature drops.’ It’s that time again, with Google adding four notable improvements to its flagship devices. As noted in the headlines, the most interesting feature might be a new ‘safety check.’ Within the Pixel’s Personal Safety App (which is now available on the Pixel 3 as well as 4), you can ask your phone to check in to make sure you’re okay at a given time. This is useful if you’re walking home at night, are hiking alone, or are otherwise in a potentially risky situation.…

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9 underrated marketing tips that turned Slack into a software giant

Capiche is a secret society for SaaS power users, building a new community of people who care about software to make the SaaS industry more transparent, together. Matthew Guay is Capiche‘s founding editor and former senior writer at Zapier. It wasn’t the next big thing we were expecting when Slack came into the world in late 2013. Team chat was already everywhere if you wanted it. HipChat had built a growing business around team chat, as had the Basecamp team’s Campfire. There were chat apps galore on mobile, thanks to Apple’s iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook’s Messenger apps. And for geeks, IRC…

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UK automotive production at lowest level since WW2, to cost industry $15B

With auto factories closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s clear that production was going to take a hit. Now we know just how big an impact it had in the UK. In the month of April, carmakers based in the United Kingdom produced 197 premium or luxury vehicles, just 45 of these actually made it to customers. That’s a 99.7% drop compared to the same time period last year, BBC reports. [Read: CVS is testing driverless vehicles in Houston for safe, socially distanced medical deliveries] According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders it’s the lowest output the…

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YouTube finally adds built-in timestamps with ‘Chapters’

One of the most annoying things about YouTube is trying to find the right time for the specific content you’re looking for, especially in long videos. It’s become something of a tradition for a good samaritan to comment with the requisite timestamps, but YouTube is now making such crude methods a thing of the past. Starting today, YouTube is officially rolling out a ‘Chapters‘ feature that lets creators embed timestamps right into the video progress bar. 0:00 We heard you and added Video Chapters.0:30 You liked it.1:00 Now it’s official: Video Chapters are here to stay.1:30 Creators, try Chapters by…

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