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Why China’s ‘military AI budget’ is irrelevant (spoiler: all AI is military AI)

A recently published study from the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET), a think-tank at Georgetown University, indicates commonly held perceptions about China‘s supposed AI spending may be grossly off-base. Key takeaways suggest the PRC spends much less than the US on ‘military‘ and ‘defense‘ AI. Here’s a hot take: All AI is military AI. Let’s start with the study. You can read it here, but to briefly sum up, the authors write: We assess with low to moderate confidence that China’s public investment in AI R&D was on the order of a few billion dollars in 2018. With…

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Google finally takes a stance on political ads with microtargeting restrictions

Google has become the latest company to reconsider its approach to political ads. The internet giant has announced a crack down on political ads that limits advertisers from targeting ads based on voters’ political leanings or public voter records. Outlining its new approach to microtargeting of election ads, the company said it’s limiting ad targeting to voters based on age, gender, and general location at the zip code level. While ads based on an individual’s specific location or those with false claims will no longer be allowed, contextual targeting — i.e. serving ads to people based on their reading or…

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US Senator: ‘Amazon Ring’s policies are an open door for privacy and civil liberty violations’

US Senator Edward Markey yesterday revealed the results of a months-long investigation into Amazon‘s Ring camera-doorbells and the company’s relationship with law enforcement. The Senator’s press team dubbed the findings “alarming” and called the company’s policies “an open door for privacy and civil liberty violations.” The press release, which you can read in full here, describes several key findings indicating that Amazon executives took little or no action to prevent or discourage misuse of camera footage by law enforcement, even going so far as to urge officers to “to take steps that will increase rates of video sharing” and approaching…

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Where to watch the Trump impeachment hearings

The impeachment inquiry hearings of US President Donald Trump start soon, and for the first time in the history of such things these hearings will be available to stream online. Here’s where and how you can watch the event streamed live. Given this is an event of extreme public interest, it’ll be streamed by multiple sources. C-SPAN has a special landing page just for the impeachment, where it’ll stream the event live. PBS Newshour will also have a livestream from its YouTube channel: If you don’t want to go to any of those sites, the House Intelligence YouTube channel will…

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