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Report: Whichever country claims AI supremacy this decade will rule the Earth

The Brookings Institution last week published a report from global economy expert Indermit Gill prophesying that the AI leader in 2030 will go on to rule the planet until at least 2100. The territories in the running include the US, China, and the European Union. Economists appear to have reached a general consensus that artificial intelligence is among the four great “general purpose technologies” to come along since the 1800s. Gill argues that AI, like steam power, electricity, and information systems technology, will directly impact the way business is conducted at the global scale by 2030. Related: Here’s what AI experts think…

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VW knows it must become a tech company to compete with Tesla

German marque, and the world’s largest car maker by sales, Volkswagen (VW) appears to be wising up to the changing landscape of the automobile world. In a meeting with more than 100 company managers in Berlin this week, VW CEO Herbert Diess said that the company will have to “slaughter some sacred cows” and transform into a tech company if it’s to survive, the FT reports. In other words, VW is going to have to retire beloved vehicles in favor of greener alternatives. It seems that VW is growing increasingly aware of how companies like Tesla are shaking down the…

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The ESA wants to put humans in hibernation for long-term space travel

The European Space Agency is currently exploring human hibernation as a means of addressing the problem of sending humans into deep space. A recent study conducted by the agency determined that putting people to sleep for long voyages would save money, provide health benefits, and allow for more efficient space ship designs. It’ll take about seven months, under the right conditions, for humans to get to Mars. Elon Musk has a plan to get us there, NASA’s all in, and the ESA is exploring its options. There’s just one big problem: it might be a suicide mission. There’s a bunch…

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Russia to pre-install its own apps on all phones, PCs, and TVs sold in the country

Russia has officially passed a law banning the sale of electronic equipment that doesn’t have Russian software pre-installed on it. The law — which is set to go into effect starting July 1, 2020 — will force electronic equipment sold in Russia — such as smartphones, computers, and smart TVs — to ship pre-installed with apps from Russian tech firms. The bill was tabled in the parliament earlier this month. The government is expected to publish for each device type a list of Russian software that manufacturers will need to include on devices sold in the country. “The bill provides Russian…

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Google finally takes a stance on political ads with microtargeting restrictions

Google has become the latest company to reconsider its approach to political ads. The internet giant has announced a crack down on political ads that limits advertisers from targeting ads based on voters’ political leanings or public voter records. Outlining its new approach to microtargeting of election ads, the company said it’s limiting ad targeting to voters based on age, gender, and general location at the zip code level. While ads based on an individual’s specific location or those with false claims will no longer be allowed, contextual targeting — i.e. serving ads to people based on their reading or…

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TNW’s quest to discover Europe’s best scale-up is back – sign up now

Tech5, annually hosted by TNW and Adyen, is back for the seventh time. Tech5 is the leading showcase for Europe’s fastest-growing scale-ups, giving them the opportunity to join a network of the best companies, investors, and experts from across the continent. This year we’re focusing on the ways technology can help create change and have a positive impact on society. A community for the founders who dare In 2020, Tech5 2020 is going to be an even greater podium, with the likes of Lithuania competing for the first time. Adyen CCO, Roelant Prins adds:  “Since starting Tech5 back in 2012,…

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6 predictions on where European tech is headed in 2020, according to experts

2020 is set to be a defining year for European tech. While startups and scaleups have been supported over the years through a number of EU-based programs, newly elected European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has made achieving technological sovereignty a rallying cry for more globally competitive European tech brands.  This shift is heating up Europe’s focus on the promise its hot young scaleups can bring. But what will define the ‘Made in Europe’ tech brand, and how can it compete against the Facebooks and Googles of the world? To find out, I attended this year’s EIT Digital Challenge…

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