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India’s IT minister conflates deepfake with fake news — and that’s naive

A lot of countries and states are forming, or thinking about forming policies around deepfake content. However, a question answered by minister RS Prasad during a parliamentary session in India on December 4, suggests the government is not thinking about devising a specific policy around modified content. The answer defines deepfake as a technology that “enables to allows alter/create the image or video media of a person with any other person’s image or video using artificial neural networks and deep learning/machine learning techniques.” This is vaguely correct, but, deepfakes can also include the manipulation of voice and content without using anyone else’s…

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WhatsApp deactivates Kashimiri accounts after 4-month internet ban

Chat app WhatsApp has kicked out several users from Kashmir after four months of internet shutdown in the state, BuzzFeed News reports. In August, the Indian government scrapped Article 370 to remove the state from its autonomous stature. It also enforced an internet ban to maintain law and order. On December 4, exactly four months after the shutdown, a lot of users from the region took to Twitter to report their WhatsApp accounts had been disabled. After 4 months of total communication blackout, @WhatsApp is automatically deleting Kashmiris from groups.#Kashmir — Dr. Shahnawaz B. Kaloo (@DrKaloo) December 4, 2019 We haven’t used…

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India reportedly wants unrestricted access to non-personal data

The Indian government is planning to gain unrestricted access to non-personal data of people in India, according to a report by Tech2. Non-personal data is anonymized data which can’t be traced back to identify a person. For example, weather sensors without a specific location or e-Commerce data without personal identification. This comes on the heel of the data privacy bill, which is listed to be tabled in the winter session of parliament. Apart from access to non-personal data, the bill will also tackle topics such as intermittent liability of social media platforms, and data localization and storage issues. A government source told…

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India may have another crack at soft landing on the moon in 2020

In Septemeber, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) tried to be a part of history by attempting a soft landing on the moon with Chandrayaan-2. Sadly, before the Vikram lander reached the lunar surface, the team lost communication with it. Later, the lander was located, but scientists were not able to establish any contact with it. However, India will have another crack at achieving a soft landing soon. According to a report by PTI, the space agency is already working on Chandryaan-3 and aims to launch it by November 2020. ISRO has commissioned a report from a committee led by S Somanath,…

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