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Accelerators can help startups survive the pandemic by boosting diversity

Business accelerators are programmes which offer various types of support, including training, mentorship, access to workspaces and investment, to early-stage businesses with the aim of helping them through the fragile early stages of growth. They may play a vital role in post-COVID-19 recovery. In a recent study, funded by the UK government, we found evidence that participating in one particular accelerator (which will remain anonymous) was associated with an increase in business survival rates, investment raised, and growth in the number of people employed. This could be vital as new businesses struggle to thrive in increasingly uncertain economic times. On…

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Watch the highlights from Seoul’s leading startup event

South Korea and its capital Seoul are best known for cutting-edge tech giants like Samsung and LG, but now there’s a big push to put its startups in the spotlight. One way the country is doing this is through events, specifically Start-Up Seoul: Tech-Rise 2019 — Seoul city government’s flagship event. TNW flew to Seoul to attend the buzzing conference where over 40,000 attendees, 300 startups, and a 100 investors from all over the world got together to share ideas and experiences. Watch the video at the top of the page to get feeling for the vibe of the conference,…

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