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This tiny game runs directly in your browser’s title bar — and it’s kinda fun

I was absolutely mind-blown when I first discovered the not-so-hidden Chrome dinosaur game. I’ll never forget that moment, because I spent the next several hours playing it — without even taking a break. I just loved how simple and unassuming it was. But now I’ve found something even simpler and more unassuming. Enter TitleRun, a micro-game that exists entirely in your browser‘s title bar (not to be confused with the URL bar, which is the mistake I first made). The game works best in Chrome or Firefox on desktop, but it’ll also run on mobile. The goal is pretty simple, use…

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Google searches for ‘insomnia’ and ‘can’t sleep’ hit all-time high during lockdown

It seems the coronavirus has upset the sleeping routine of tons of people across the globe — or so Google data suggests. Searches for the terms “insomnia” and “can’t sleep” reached an all-time high in April, according to a Google Trends. The data does not reveal the precise cause for the spike, but the timeline coincides with the height of the worldwide COVID-19 lockdowns. Last month, Harvard researchers warned the pandemic could take a toll on a person’s sleeping routine, which in turn could lead to other mental health complications. “Too many sleepless nights can aggravate both physical and mental health problems,” the Harvard Gazette…

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This tool helps you send emails directly to the recipient’s spam box

A fundamental part of living life as a good human being™ is learning how to be amicably passive-aggressive — or put in other words, unnoticeably mean and cruel when necessary. A good example is party invitations. Every once in a while you’ll meet a person you feel the need to invite, but genuinely don’t want to be around. Should you go through the risk of being confronted about a skipped invitation or should you just send the invite, and hope they don’t show up? Someone has created a better solution. Enter Straight2Spam, a new tool that lets you copy a…

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JK Rowling releases free story The Ickabog to help kids in lockdown

J.K. Rowling, the author who defined the childhoods of a generation, is publishing a new children’s story called The Ickabog. She’s offering the whole thing for free to help children and parents who are struggling to get through the pandemic. Rowling warns that this isn’t Harry Potter. Judging from the first chapter, it’s got much more in common with fairy tales aimed at younger children — the chapter even begins “Once upon a time.” The story is being released chapter-by-chapter on its own dedicated site, and you can read each for free. Read: Disney debuts Zenimation, which mixes soothing sounds with familiar art…

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Just putting it out there: It’s embarrassing to exist on LinkedIn

In this column, “Just putting this out there…,” we write about the odd ways we engage with tech and the unpopular opinions we form about it. You can read the rest of the articles in this series here. I’m not all that active on social media. I barely tweet, and I’m rarely serious when I do. I still use a fake Facebook profile, practically to stay in touch with some old acqaintances. I do post on Instagram every once in a while, but I think of it as an exercise in aesthetics more than anything else (yes, there’s something very pretentious…

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YouTube weather reports by David Lynch is the coronavirus surrealism we need

We live in strange times — and things are about to get even stranger. “Good morning! It’s May 11, 2020, and it’s a Monday,” says American surrealist David Lynch in a new video posted on YouTube, his hair as majestic as ever. “Here in LA it’s kinda cloudy, some fog this morning.” The filmmaker is bringing his wonderfully uncanny weather forecasts back, it seems. “It’s 64 degrees Fahrenheit, around 17 Celsius,” he adds. “This all should burn off pretty soon, and we’ll have sunshine and 70 degrees. Have a great day,” he continues, followed by a slightly uncomfortable pause. To…

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Elon Musk and Grimes broke the internet when they revealed they’ll call their newborn X Æ A-12 — a name so confusing the Tesla CEO had to go on the Joe Rogan podcast to explain it (even after Grimes already did that on Twitter). Honestly, it still doesn’t make sense to me. Well, someone felt there’s a shortage of incomprehensible names, so they built the Elon Musk name generator — a tool that dreams up what your name would’ve been if the billionaire was your dadda. In all fairness, soon-to-be-arrested Musk told Joe Rogan his only contribution to this glorious name was “A-12,” the…

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Relive every episode of ‘The Office’ — only recreated in Slack

Can you imagine what it would’ve been if Dunder Mifflin had Slack? If Michael Scott was to fake-fire you in a public channel? If Jim was to impersonate Dwight by stealing his profile pic and handle? If this maggot Toby was to passive-aggressively warn you about PDA over DM? It truly is one of the world’s greatest what-ifs. And we’re finally getting an answer to it. Starting today, you can plug into the the The Office universe like you never have before — directly in Slack. Yes, one of the most iconic comedy series of this century is being recreated and adapted in…

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Japanese aquarium asks you to FaceTime its frightened eels

Tokyo‘s Sumida Aquarium has noticed a bizarre side effect of the coronavirus pandemic — it’s making the in-house spotted garden eels afraid of humans. To compensate, the aquarium is attempting to bring humans in via technology in order to reassure the poor little sea noodles. Starting on May 3, you’ll be able to video call the eels. Apparently the eels are used to constant human attention, seeing them often outside their tanks. Now that the coronavirus is preventing most humans from doing nice things like going to aquariums, the eels aren’t seeing people very often. According to their keepers, they’re forgetting…

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This surreal AR hologram of Israel’s president is a meme in the making

We live in strange times. To celebrate the country’s Independence Day, each year the President of Israel opens his home to people of all walks of life and personally meets them for a brief selfie sesh, accompanied by an uplifting speech. But due to the coronavirus lockdown, the President has decided to address the nation in a responsible manner… by turning himself into an AR hologram. According to a press release, President Reuven Rivlin is set to “visit” each and every home in Israel in his virtual form, as he believes that “now, more than ever, personal contact with Israel’s…

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