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Radiohead launches digital ‘public library’ of the band’s archive

If you’ve ever spent hours trolling the web for information about Radiohead, today’s your lucky day. In a press release, the band announced they have created the Radiohead Public Library, a centralized collection of information and media. It states: The internet as a whole has never been a reliable resource for detailed or even accurate information re: Radiohead. Many sites that attempted to provide some measure of service have long since gone dark as well. The overall effect has been ‘Radiohead‘ search results that yield random and/or abbreviated shards: songs and album titles unaccompanied by detailed artwork or any additional…

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Spotify’s 2019 Wrapped has arrived: Here’s what you need to know

It’s the most wonderful (or irritating, your choice) time of the year! That’s right, Spotify has released its 2019 Wrapped list! If you’re unaware of what this is, basically every year Spotify releases a customized breakdown of how you’ve spent your year on their platform. If, of course, you have a Premium subscription to the service. Think this sounds like your thing? Then it probably is. So, what exactly is Spotify‘s 2019 Wrapped? Well, it’s a web app (you can check it out here) that presents a range of stats about your listening habits over the past year. You know, things like…

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Loog Pro review: You won’t find a better guitar for kids, but the app might frustrate you

The best way to learn how to play a guitar is whichever method works for you. Anyone who tells you different is either selling something or justifying a purchase. That being said, in my experience the best guitar to teach your kids to play on – through whatever method you choose – is this Loog Pro. And that’s because the best way to get your kids interested in music is to play it with them. There’s a never-ending torrent of kazoos, maracas, tambourines, and other instruments aimed at enabling children to explore music and rhythm, but if my toddler wants…

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