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Watch: Unboxing a $1,000 mail order electric car from China

China makes and consumes more electric vehicles than any other nation in the world. It just so happens to make some of the most bizarre ones too. The good folks over at Jalopnik, an online motoring magazine, have given us a look behind the curtain with one of their latest videos. In it, they unbox what is apparently world’s cheapest new car. The all-electric Changli — no, I’d never heard of it either. Jason Torchinsky, Jalopnik’s senior editor, has the pleasure of unveiling the unique ride and, well, it’s certainly cheap. While the “car” started out at around $930 (Torchinsky got…

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Report: GM adds electric van to its upcoming EV fleet in a bid to rival Tesla

Cars and vans are all slowly shifting to electric power as governments around the world tighten emissions regulations. I know it, you know it, and General Motors knows it too. In an exclusive interview with Reuters, employees from the US car making titan revealed that the company is working on a whole host of electric vehicles — at least 20 of them — for release over the next three years. [Read: Germany orders all fuel stations to provide electric charging points] The lineup also reportedly includes a commercial vehicle platform, a van in other words, that is set to rival…

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Autonomous cars won’t prevent as many accidents as we’ve been told, study says

Some 94% of vehicle crashes are caused by humans. This figure is often touted by autonomous vehicle developers when they try to promote the potential value in their tech. It sounds logical: remove humans and road safety will improve dramatically. However, the improvements might not be as dramatic as we’d hope for. According to a new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), only one third of vehicle accidents will be avoided if we pivot to autonomous cars or “robotaxis,” AP reports. The main benefits of autonomous vehicles are that they can’t get drunk or sleepy and can…

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Elon Musk only has to sell 59 Teslas to offset the CO2 from a single SpaceX launch within a year

Elon Musk is an interesting character. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I don’t always understand what he’s going on about. For example, I find his involvement in SpaceX and Tesla somewhat contradictory. Some might call it a hedge or diversification, I call it dissonant. On one hand, Tesla’s mission is to usher in a new era of clean vehicle and energy solutions and improve the world. On the other, SpaceX is an active attempt to leave the world. What’s more, a SpaceX launch produces loads of CO2, which is the exact opposite of what Tesla is trying…

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Germany to give citizens up to $10K towards a new electric car — doubling its subsidy

As other countries cut subsidies for battery electric vehicles (BEV), Germany is doubling down. As highlighted in a tweet from European automotive market analyst, Matthias Schmidt, Germany is literally doubling its stimulus payments for buyers of electric vehicles. In short, new EV buyers could receive up to €9,000 ($10,000) towards purchase of a new BEV. 🚨BREAKING🚨 Petrol and diesel cars omitted from the German government’s stimulus package. BEVs will see a government contribution for electric cars rise from €3k to €6k with the manufacturer’s contribution remaining the same (€3k). Total €9k for BEV <€40k — Matthias Schmidt (@auto_schmidt) June… This story continues at The Next Web

UK launches yet another vehicle-to-grid charging trial — but only for 100 Nissan drivers

Powering your home using the energy stored in your electric vehicle (vehicle-to-grid) isn’t commonplace yet, but it could be if trials are successful. Speaking of which, a UK power distribution firm, that manages the energy grid across West England and Wales, has just launched a V2G trial and is giving away free smart chargers to Nissan EV drivers to test its platform, but there’s a catch. [Read: The future of electric motorbikes according to post-war inspired BMW concept art] In an announcement yesterday, Electric Nation, the consortium of organizations involved in the trial, said that it has opened applications to…

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The future of electric motorbikes according to post-war inspired BMW concept art

Automotive design has been transformed over the past 100 years. Body shapes are smoother, more refined, and vehicles are bigger all round, but there are some general design cues that still hold up. But what about vehicles like motorcycles, how is the electric revolution likely to change how our motorized two-wheeled vehicles look?  [Read: BMW is reportedly working on a 1,000HP all-electric M5 that’ll rival Tesla’s Plaid Model S] Firstly, let’s take a look at a few iconic examples from years gone by to see how things “used to be.” More specifically, let’s look at a fast bike, an adventure…

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Autonowashing and the dangers of putting too much trust in ‘self-driving’ cars

The first truly autonomous self-driving car will no doubt be one of the most historic technical achievements of our generation, but it seems we’re still a long way off because contemporary technology doesn’t yet fulfill the promise of keeping use safe 100% of the time. However, this isn’t stopping some automakers from talking as if we’re already there, and that behavior is creating new challenges. Numerous automakers already present their driving tech as being capable of Full Self-Driving. The reality, however, is starkly different and more nuanced than the industry openly admits to. [Read: What is CHAdeMO? Let us explain]…

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Sodium-ion breakthrough is a step towards significantly cheaper and ethical EV batteries

Batteries are some of the most expensive components of an electric vehicle. Anything that can make them cheaper is a good thing for the consumer. If one of the latest breakthroughs pans out, scientists may have made a good step forward towards making that a reality. Researchers at Washington State University and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have reportedly developed a Sodium-ion based battery that can perform as well as Lithium-ion type batteries, that are found in everything from smartphones to Teslas, SlashGear reports. [Read: Polestar plugs into pan-European charging network to make EV road trips easier] The breakthrough, published in…

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Polestar plugs into pan-European charging network to make EV road trips easier

Taking a road trip in an electric vehicle can be a daunting prospect when it comes to planning where you’ll charge up. It’s even more challenging when you cross borders and have to charge your EV in a foreign country, but Polestar has a plan to make it easier. According to a company announcement, Polestar has partnered with Plugsurfing, a Europe-wide electric car charging network, which brings more than 195,000 charging points to customers. [Read: Report: Polestar to build more Chinese showrooms to compete with Tesla] Plugsurfing’s continental chargers can all be accessed with a simple RFID key card, which…

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