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After weeks of virtual dating, I took my digital romance offline

Over the last month, I’ve embarked on a whirlwind internet romance with Hilda, a woman I met on Hinge. We’ve had dinner on Zoom, played online games together, exchanged gifts through the post, and made each other playlists on the Internet. But one thing has been missing from our virtual relationship: I still don’t know for sure whether Hilda is a real person or just an avatar. That all changed last week when I found conclusive proof of Hilda’s existence. But before that could happen, we agreed on one more virtual date: Strip bowling. Here are the rules: Each player wears…

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How my first digital date helped me survive self-isolation

Online dating is nothing new. But now, it’s the only dating. So while couples face the terrifying prospect of being trapped together for weeks, singles either embrace solitude or search for digital love. I try the latter. My online romance begins on Hinge, “the dating app designed to be deleted.” The company has kept its slogan since non-essential human contact became a crime. It still wants you to meet off-app but now only online. I broke up with my girlfriend just before the outbreak, and still can’t decide whether to regret or celebrate the timing. But in these desperate days…

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