Month: November 2019

This *hot* trick can charge an EV battery in just 10 minutes

Electric cars could make a huge dent in the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. But they still make a tiny 2 percent of cars on the road today. A big speed bump they face is the hour or so it takes to charge. That could change, thanks to a new discovery by Pennsylvania State University researchers. They have come up with a technique to charge lithium battery in just 10 minutes for 200 to 300 miles of driving. An electric car that can be charged in the time it takes to fill a gas tank could jumpstart the EV market. “The…

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Black Friday is done. So why are these gift options still at rock bottom prices?

Let’s be real: Retailers aren’t going to limit their revenue driving discounts to just ONE day in November. As long as the sales keep driving revenue, they’ll keep running well into the weekend and even past Cyber Monday. Case in point, these 10 deals are still sporting Black Friday pricing well after the shopping day has ended.

Biosensor-equipped glasses could monitor diabetes through tears

Brazilian and US scientists have developed a glasses-based biosensor capable of measuring blood glucose levels through a person’s tears, offering a less invasive test for diabetics. Glucose levels need to be frequently monitored in people with diabetes, a disease that affects 62 million people in the Americas and 380 million worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), diabetes has been rising alarmingly in recent decades — with the fastest increase in low- and middle-income countries — and could affect 580 million people by 2035. Many people with the disease use a portable glycosometer to measure blood glucose levels by pricking their…

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Amazon’s 2nd Gen Fire TV Cube is a great buy — if you don’t have the original

Amazon beefed up its Fire TV Cube with a few new hardware upgrades, refreshing it for the 2019 market. It’s undoubtedly better — but the changes are so incremental that if you have the original, it might not be worth your money to upgrade. Everything Tristan said about the original Fire Cube in his review still holds true — it’s a fantastic device, particularly if you don’t already have a smart assistant and want one that can do basically everything. Alexa connects to cable, music, and streaming platforms and the ability to simultaneously bark basic demands about the weather and be served a cornucopia of entertainment options is just too good. Playing with…

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Check out 10 new career training bundles available at Black Friday prices

If you’ve been considering some changes, these 10 deals package up some amazing training opportunities at some seriously Black Friday prices.  And every single one of them is at least 90 percent off during this seasonal markdown.

Here are the Black Friday deals you really shouldn’t miss

You can take the stress out of holiday shopping by just picking up a bunch of great offers right now at Black Friday prices. These nine options are all significantly discounted from their regular price, with many over 90 percent off. 

Bitcoin ransomware forces Spanish security firm Prosegur offline

Spanish multinational security firm Prosegur has been hit by Ryuk ransomware, the notorious Trojan virus that encrypts files on a compromised device and typically demands payment in Bitcoin to decrypt them. As a result of the attack, the company, which reportedly employs 170,000 people across the globe, has shut down its IT network and its employees were reportedly sent home. The firm, which is credited as being one of the world’s biggest provider of armored vehicles to transport cash, said on Twitter that it had taken “maximum security measures” to avoid propagating the ransomware both internally and externally. Statement on information security incident…

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CHEAP: Get 46% off this hi-tech treat dispenser for the pup in your life

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP! Do you have a loving pet that longs for never-ending attention and won’t let you leave the house without making a fuss? Then the Furbo dog camera might just be the thing for you. This smart device is like a treat-dispensing baby monitor, but for your dog. It’s also got a voice feature that lets you directly communicate with your dog while you’re away. And just today, you can grab one for $134 — a sweet 46-percent discount off its list price of $246.…

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Cryptocurrency exchange IDAX’s CEO reportedly missing with the company’s cold wallet

A relatively small cryptocurrency exchange has halted deposit and withdrawal services after its CEO has reportedly gone missing. The IDAX exchange posted an announcement earlier today saying it had halted some operations after its staff were unable to make contact with the global CEO. The CEO is said to have taken access to the company’s cold wallets with them. At this point, it’s not known why the CEO has supposedly vanished. According to CoinMarketCap, IDAX serviced some $500 million worth of Bitcoin trades over the past 24 hours — compared to top ranking exchange BitMEX, which serviced over $2 billion.…

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Don’t let time run out on these sweet smartwatch deals this Black Friday

I wish I could say I work out enough times in a week. Sadly, I can’t. But the small nudges from my smartwatch to complete daily steps and calorie goal has frequently helped me get off my butt and move around. So, here are some fantastic Black Friday deals for you to start your fitness journey, even if it’s a small step. Fitbit Inspire HR: $69 ($31 off) Let’s start with the basics. If you’re just starting your workout journey or want to keep a general tab on your fitness, you’re probably looking for a tracker that’s cheap and tracks fundamental stuff…

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