Byte Me #10: Very old dildos, deadly lipstick, and a tanned asshole

Welcome back to Byte Me, our feminist newsletter that makes everyone mad <3 Sorry, we’re late this month. Since we last spoke, Anouk went to Thailand, Cara trained with Chelsea FC, and Georgina started her new role as *editor + content creative.* WHO SAYS WOMEN CAN’T HAVE IT ALL??? Each month, our gloriously gifted designer, Saïna, illustrates a weird comment or tweet we receive from one of TNW’s misogynistic, or just funny, readers. Here’s the latest: Now, TJ wasn’t lying… here’s Saïna’s artistic interpretation:  BY THE WAY! Are you on Twitter? Cos we are. Follow @byte_me for clear skin! the blood news Dazed reported nipple censorship protestors inflated a giant tit in front… This story continues at The Next Web